The First Meet Up

I still remember the first time i heard about essential oil, its from a friend of mine who told me that if i want to relax my muscles, i should try essential oil massages; and the first choice for it is lavender essential oil. From then on, every time i travel, i always love the smell of 5 star hotel lobbies, because i always feel refreshed walking in it. Later i found out this smell makes me feel relaxed and happy at the same time. On occasions when i had insomnia, people around me was always telling me to try using diffusers can help me relax and sleep better. The thing is, i had so many questions about it. Is essential oil massages really effective? How does it works? In the massage oils, how many kinds of essential oils are they? How can it be mixed and balanced to have the desired effects? What are the essential oils that can make me happy or rejuvenate me? How should i choose good quality essential oils? So many questions, yet so little answers. Then i met a very important person in my life. With his guidance, my eyes are opened to a whole new world of essential oils. Mother Nature is amazing. Through learning about the characteristics of every plant, my appreciation of Mother Nature’s gift grew exponentially. However, what make me desperate is the quality of essential oils that are available. As a Malaysian, isn’t there a brand that we can call our own? One that provides education, and quality essential oil products? At the same time, making a stand to put Malaysia on the map? I am Mina Natures, i am also a consumer. The word “Mina” means love in German. Founding Mina Natures, I am willing to shine the light on Mother Nature. As we uses essential oil in our daily lives, i want us to see and be aware of what is going on with Her. I also want to stand for Malaysia, making Mina Natures a brand that each Malaysians can be proud of. Nobody is the best, but everybody can always be better.
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