What Is Essential Oils?


Whenever I talk about Essential Oil, many of my friends will ask me what is an essential oil? Some of them actually had some misconceptions about essential oil and have no idea how to differentiate or select a suitable one.

We, humans, are born with the gift of five senses. We use the five senses to feel the happenings around us, and even to sense danger. For instance, when we hear an unusual sound, we will be more alert and extra cautious. Likewise, when we see unknown objects, we will first use our sight to observe, and then maybe touch it, or using our nose to smell it. Hence our sense of smell plays a big part in our life.

There are two types of scent oils in the market: Which are essential oil and fragrance oil;

Essential Oil:
Essential Oil is stored in the plant’s hairline, resins, or leaves. Parts of storage are differed for different plants. Natural Essential Oils can be used for aromatherapy. The smell of the essential oil might differ from plants origin. The extraction process will also be different depends on which part of the plant is being extracted.

Fragrance Oil:
It is a type of synthetic chemical compound, also a side product from petroleum manufacturing. Mainly will be added in cleaning products or skin care products. Sometimes it will be added into the product to mask the unpleasant smell. It does not have any aromatherapy effect.

The major differences between essential oil and fragrance oil:

  1. Fragrance oil are manmade, it has only one scent, it does not have any scent from plants. Whereas natural essential oil will hold the natural scent from plant and also the scent from the part where the oils are extracted from. For example: Besides the orange smell, there is also a prominent scent in Sweet Orange essential oil. It is the scent of the orange peel.
  2. Inhaling too much fragrance oil or a long period of time may cause headaches and dryness in the throat. Whereas essential oils have natural benefits and does not have any side effects despite long exposure.
  3. Fragrance oil, due to its artificial synthesis process and uniform smell, it is relatively cheaper in the market. It also does not have the natural elements which could be found in plants. In contrast, the price of essential oil will be affected by weather, soil type or extraction process among other factors might increase or reduce its value.
  4. Fragrance oil scent stays on our skin for a longer period. Even after washing off with water, the scent still remains. On the other hand, as essential oils are natural products, it will not leave any scent once it is being washed off.

So if you’re looking for a well-working aromatherapy session, make sure you choose the products which only contains 100% pure natural essential oils!!

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