1) Select which product you’d like to buy. You may do use our Search Bar to search the product you want to buy or just browse through our Shop for window shopping.

2) In your Product page, choose the Quantity you’d like to buy.

3) After selecting your Quantity, choose the quantity you wish to purchase and then click ADD TO CART button.

4) You will then direct to CART page and you may continue shopping, or click Proceed To Checkout.

5) On the next screen, fill in your address and other details. Scroll to the bottom then select Bank Transfer.


6) On your next screen, you will see your Order Details & Mina Natures’ Bank Details. Write down the Order ID, Total Amount , Mina Natures Bank Account into a paper.


7) You can now proceed payment by using any of your own bank account to Mina Natures’ Account.

8) Upon payment done, please email the following details to Mina’s email (sales@minanatures.com)

  • Payment Slip
  • Order ID

9) We will then proceed the order once payment received.